HOW I GOT HERE: 6 weeks health challenge

Two weeks ago I decided to join a 6 weeks health challenge at my local gym.  What I love about this gym is that it’s small and personal.  Their ideals and values fall right in line with  our Transcendent Beauty message of self love.  The challenge is to promote self commitment and making yourself and your health a priority.  So…here we are at week two and already I have missed two classes and it’s now day three.  One of my dogs was ill and kept me up most of the night on Sunday.  He required vet visits on Monday and Tuesday.  Lack of sleep, my business and everyday life kept me away from the gym. Today as I was telling our coach what was going on I felt guilt and shame.  I felt as if I was making excuses.  The truth is, he didn’t think that I was making excuses yet my self talk was really hard on myself.  I was beating myself up with negative self talk over missing two classes. Then I realized that part of loving yourself is accepting yourself and your decisions and or priorities.  I was looking at it all wrong.  I was telling myself, “if you truly love yourself, you’ll make yourself a priority and you will find the time and strength to make it to the gym.  You will challenge yourself and deal with the circumstances in a manner that you will be victorious without letting yourself and others down.”  Here is the shift in perspective that brought me peace and alignment within myself.  What I was doing was bullying myself and limiting myself and my thoughts by reacting to judgements that I placed on myself and projecting onto others.  The truth of the matter is, that to love myself is to accept that things will always continue to happen that are outside of my control.   Loving myself is determined by how I handle such situations.  Taking care of my dog was a priority and it had a direct impact on my daily routine.  If he was taken care of, I would be able to get the sleep needed to get me through my day.  By choosing to take a nap or go to sleep early instead of going to the gym I was showing myself love.  If I rest and give myself the permission needed to replenish my energy without judgement I will be able to function on a higher level and with more energy.  As opposed to reacting to guilt or fear.
Once I accepted my decision to listen to myself and do what was right for me, I connected with  inner peace.  Loving  yourself is listening to yourself. When I was motivated by negativity I was ignoring my needs and judging myself.  But when I met my needs of getting the rest I desperately needed, I felt peaceful and loving towards myself instead of guilty or shameful.  Giving myself what I needed was more important than giving myself a story to justify myself.
By shifting my perspective I allowed myself to meet my needs and this is how I got here…