HOW I GOT HERE: My Credentials

Recently people have been asking me about my credentials.  They want to know what makes me qualified to own a skin care company.  My answer is not one of me detailing my search for the perfect product, designed specifically for my skin type that I had been unable to find in the marketplace until I created my own, (because this is not true). My answer is not one of me detailing my many degrees in dermatology, (because I don’t have a degree in dermatology).  My answer is not even one of me enthusiastically talking about cosmetic ingredients and chemistry, (because I paid a chemist to do this). The truth is, I have been in the beauty industry at different levels of production and development for the past 20 years.  I have seen people in pain and in need and I wanted to help.  I was at a crossroads in my career and my life.  I was unfulfilled and detached from myself and my purpose.  I was not looking to reinvent the wheel or myself.  I wanted passion and purpose within my field of expertise.  How could I contribute and capitalize by using my skills and talents?  Then it came to me, why not develop a line of skin-care products?  It seems simple, but that idea grew in passion and vision, turning itself into a purpose.  As I thought about the brand and my commitment, I noticed more and more the reality that women are being bombarded daily by so many objectifying and defining rules that they should be following.  None of which should be taken seriously by any person.  Who are these people making up such rules and who is in charge, of enforcing said rules…?

Articles started to pop up: What women should no longer wear after 50. Best hair styles for women over 40.  Best make up tips for women over 30, 40, 50 and 60.  What is going on here????  Have we as women become so defiant that there is a need for louder and more direct messaging about women aging? I realize that this is not something new but we are living longer, we are taking better care of ourselves, some would go as far as saying that we have become a society obsessed with youthfulness and beauty.  So why hasn’t the messaging changed?  Why haven’t we put these messages on a horse and let it ride off into the sunset as we are told to do with our clothes, “too loud” color cosmetics and our too long for our age, hair?  Why is there such a need to control, objectify, shame, and make women feel insecure?

The conclusion that I came to  is that there is indeed a need to change the message that I give myself and the message that I present to others.  There is a need for me to set my own rules and beauty standards without feeling less than.  There is a need for me to change the language I use when addressing myself and the world.  There is a need for me to love and care for myself in a real and authentic way and I want to share that with the world.  …and that’s how I got here…