The word Transcendent means: above or beyond the range of mere physical human experience; existing apart from and not subject to the limitations of the material universe.

We are more than a skincare company, we are part of a movement to transcend SELF.  Transcendence is personal to each of us since limitations in our lives, ourselves or our beliefs are self imposed.  Breaking free from false beliefs and limitations is an act of self-love.  Loving and accepting ourselves unconditionally first, then applying that same unconditional love and acceptance towards others would mean, not only changing the message but also receiving the message that everything starts with SELF.

“May your beauty on the inside show on the outside.”  Our message is that by taking care of your skin, you are loving yourself.  We want to help people see a different perspective and perhaps a better purpose that will resonate with their being and acting for the better of SELF, instead of reacting to cultural messages about what beauty is.  A perspective that manifests from a place of substance instead of one from the surface. There is scientific evidence to prove that words and thoughts have the power to alter perceptions.  In combination with having very effective formulas and using high quality ingredients, we also use our own personal energy by setting an intention onto each production batch.  We further that step by printing those powerful words on each unit carton so that every person that reads the box leaves/receives energetic charge. Our wish is for the beauty that’s within all of us to reflect onto the world.  It is human nature to judge our reflection in the mirror so by setting this intention we want to help reduce any negative judgment that you may have while looking at yourself.  By using our products to take care of your skin you are allowing us to be part of your journey in loving yourself.