The one person that should learn to love you unconditionally is always yourself.  Once you learn to love yourself as you are, you no longer have to feel unloved or not good enough to love.  The love that you can give yourself is one of the purest forms of love. No one could ever love and accept you the way that you can love and accept yourself.  When others love and accept you it’s through their own understanding and interpretations of what love and acceptance means to them.  Give yourself so much love and acceptance that everything that you do throughout your day comes second.
When you love and accept yourself, you are rejecting self criticism and doubt.  You become confident, good enough, valued, compassionate, encouraging, loved, understood, courageous, enough, understanding and supportive towards yourself and others.  You become whole.
Loving yourself and meeting your own needs does not make you selfish.  Loving yourself provides you with the ability to love others.  How can you love others or ask for love from others if you don’t truly know or understand what love is or how it feels?  You must experience self love above all other forms of love.  Make this your daily priority and practice.  You’ll be glad you did!